6 Weeks – Preschool and Pre-K

Tiny Tot accepts children from the ages of 6 weeks through Pre-K, We also offer school age care for before and after school care, or days when school is closed.

Our infant rooms are open, airy, and large enough to allow the infants to be placed in different sections of the room during the day.

Each room is designed with colorful palettes, to stimulate the infant’s visual senses. The infants are nurtured and cuddled by caring individuals throughout the day. There is a schedule that is posted weekly for our parents to review. Caretakers are available at any time to discuss the care and needs of your infant.

The toddlers have a weekly lesson plan that provides them with interactive skills. They continue to develop motor skills such as crawling and walking.

The concept of books and reading is introduced. The toddlers always enjoy music and dance. At this age, the children begin learning to share with others. This program is less structured than our preschool. We feel it is an essential step in building the foundation for progressive learning.

Our 2 yr old’s begin learning their colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet. They engage in exploring their environment with play kitchens, sand, and water. Reading, again, is emphasized along with music and dance. We have styled the rooms with your little one in mind in order to meet their needs.

Outdoor activities are especially important with this age group. Weather permitting, we frequently go to the park for various fun and games. We also introduce the children to exercising. They participate physically, along with learning the importance and benefits of keeping their bodies healthy and fit.

The 3 and 4 yr old programs are more structured. As our environment becomes so technologically advanced, we feel it is paramount for children to learn computer skills as early as possible. These lessons are offered in our computer lab with specifically trained individuals who work with children. And as our diversified American population continues to grow, it has been written that nearly one half of the U.S. residents will be speaking Spanish in the not so distant future.

We believe that just by teaching the children some basic Spanish words and phrases, they will have an advantage when they continue their formal education. Computer skills and Spanish classes have been the latest additions to our basic programs of reading/phonics, social studies, math, music, science, art, and health & gym. This curriculum helps prepare the children for kindergarten and provides a solid basis for their continuing education.

Our preschool program is the heart of our early childhood development.