Here at Tiny Tots, we pride ourselves on the quality and characteristics of our caregivers. These individuals have been carefully selected from many and have endured an extensive interview. We hire people who want to be here, and who appreciate and love working with children. We receive more compliments on our staff than any other aspect about the preschool. These individuals are employed with us because of their hearts as well as their skill.

Each employee attends 15 hours of continuing educational workshops each year. Some have even obtained their child development associate certificates (see below for more information). At all times, there are staff members in the building who are trained in First Aide and CPR in case of emergencies. Most of the caregivers have been at Tiny Tot’s for a minimum of 3 years employment, with some having a maximuum of 10-15 years. The director has been personally present and actively involved on a daily basis since the nursery’s inception, 35 years ago. The associate director has been here for 29 years. We know what works, and what doesn’t. Our staff is strong, dependable, and stable, as well as loving, caring, and very personable. Stop by and ask any caregiver to give you information on how their day proceeds and the specific events, programs, and activities for your child’s particular age group. We know they will impress you, like they have us!